Elizabeth Vallenilla lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 

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Artist Statement

Looking up at the night sky, my mind is filled with wonderment.  Through the vast possibilities that exist beyond the starlight are organic shapes and forms that inspire a world of opportunities.  Referencing the cosmic images of galaxies and nebulas from observatories such as the Hubble Space Telescope, my sculptures become tangible translations of the unknown, inviting the viewer to explore the relationship between space and physicality.  Nature presents perfect examples of order, structure, symmetry, geometry and chaos that stimulates my creative process and leads to the creation of each piece.

Intrigued by nature‚Äôs ultimate design and its relationship to mathematics, I employ the connectivity between ruled geometric forms and seamless fluidity of perceived motion.  My intention is to blend a distinct interaction between art and science.  By merging the two identities, I look to juxtapose certain elements in my sculptures, where the concave becoming the convex just as the soft meets the sharp, emulating the dynamic entity of the universe. 

In my sculptural process, I render organic structures utilizing the traditional method of lost wax casting.  By physically manipulating wax with heated tools, I am able to create structure and negative space, while still maintaining flow and movement in my forms. I use a number of different metals in order to create a lustrous color pallet based on the inherent properties of the individual alloys. Adding color to these forms, I apply light reflective acrylic paint, which evokes a similar perception of beauty to that of galaxies and nebulas. By layering pieces on top of one another, the viewer is immersed in a new world that is waiting to be discovered.